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School for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (SAME)

SAME (School for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) is an educational institution founded in 2017 by InterGlobe Education Services. The InterGlobe group includes the School for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering . InterGlobe Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a multinational Indian conglomerate with prominent positions in the areas of aviation, hospitality, and travel. SAME aspires to be India’s best school for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, providing world-class education and practical experience while being fully prepared to satisfy the highest AME educational requirements.

Goals & Challenges

The main objective was to generate 6000 leads using all available online channels ( Search Engines & Social Media). In digital marketing, lead generation is the process of discovering, attracting, and converting web users into company prospects. The strategy employs email marketing, sponsored social media ads, and other online channels, tactics, and strategies.

The biggest challenges we faced were the size of the market and the complexity of market segmentation.

A Better Solutions

Lead generation is a crucial topic for any company. Why? Because a company will not be able to turn prospects into customers without leads. We devised a strategy that includes SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads.

The Approach

  • We focused on developing and optimizing conversion-based search marketing programs. We strategize, implement, test, and analyze campaign data on a regular basis to optimize campaign performance.
  • Search engines are by far the most important source of leads for businesses. As a result, SEO should play a significant role in your lead generating and growth efforts. The more visible you are on Google (and other search engines), the easier it will be for potential leads to locate you. Begin our SEO campaign by determining which keywords your target audience uses. Using long tail keywords as a focus and Improved the look of the website.


  • Leads :  8K – 12 K Leads / Admission Session
  • Cost Per Lead : 104 INR
  • Website Traffic :
  • Base / Initial Traffic :  0 Visitors / Day
  • Achieved : 3000 Visitors / Day (80% is SEO Traffic)
  • Facebook:
  • Base / Initial Followers  :  0 Followers
  • Achieved  :  41 K Followers
September 12, 2018
Aviation / AME
InterGlobe Education