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Instagram Marketing Trends in 2022

Leverage Instagram Marketing Trends in 2022

If you’ve been on Instagram recently, you’ve noticed that the app looks a little different every time you log in. The heart-shaped notification button seems to have its mind, IGTV is no longer available, and the addition of the Reels and Shop buttons has entirely altered how we use the platform. Instagram will prioritize video in 2022, extend social shopping options, make it easier for creators to monetize their content and partner with companies, and rethink its direct message (DM) layouts.

Emerging trends will be identified, and you’ll be able to incorporate them into your marketing plans right away. Instagram offers or is testing the capabilities your brand needs to flourish in 2022, whether you’re focusing on video, influencer marketing, or e-Commerce. Follow the platform’s announcements attentively to keep discovering and exploiting all of the latest technologies. Use these Instagram marketing trends to drive your approach for the future year.

  • Instagram’s Premium Campaign Collaborations: Instagram has long been a popular channel for influencer marketing, and the built-in paid partnership feature makes tagging sponsored content simple for creators. Brands will certainly consider investing more money to influence marketing as channels like Facebook advertising deal with privacy and tracking challenges. After all, influence marketing doesn’t involve any third-party tracking and can help build long-term brand partnerships.
  • Deviser: Instagram began unveiling a series of creator-focused products in October 2021, confirming the platform’s continued commitment to influencer marketing. It’s already testing a partnership-specific direct message (DM) folder, demonstrating the platform’s long-term commitment to influencer marketing. Instagram is also experimenting with a preferred brand feature, which allows creators to create a list of businesses with which they’d like to collaborate.

To speed up their influencer marketing campaigns, brands can prioritize these recognized creators while searching for possible partners on the Instagram app.This feature is expected to make forging partnerships easier by 2022. Brands can now include selected content from creators in their advertising materials, extending the reach of sponsors’ efforts. As a result, you’ll be able to use a material that has been labeled.

  • Instagram Collab Feature: What if you want to create content with a brand or an influencer instead of just featuring their work?Cross articles can help to increase brand awareness and drive discovery.But, aside from tagging another account, Instagram didn’t make it easy to collaborate with influencers or other brands until lately. In October 2021, Instagram began pushing out a new Collab tool to all users.

To credit both accounts, your brand can now add a collaborator to any feed post or reel.Began creating material using your standard process to add a collaborator to a photo or video. Then select Tag People and Invite Collaborator from the drop-down menu. To send an invitation, look for and pick your collaborator.When your collaborator accepts the invitation, both your account names and profile pictures will display on the content. The information will also appear on both of your profiles, as well as in the feeds of your followers on both accounts.

  • Instagram Affiliate Program: Instagram hasn’t yet provided options for creators to earn income at the level that YouTube and other video-creatingplatforms do. However, Instagram has begun developing a native affiliate scheme that allows influencers to create an Instagram shop highlighting their favorite brands as of October 2021.Each purchase would earn the affiliate shop’s developers a commission.

For creators, this revenue opportunity would be a clear perk. A native affiliate scheme, on the other hand, might help brands by generating extra money and increasing the return on investment from influencer partnerships. Additionally, this native scheme may eliminate the need for a third-party affiliate network, allowing businesses and creators to streamline their collaboration and compensation procedures.

  • Instagram Lift: Do you want to create attention around a new product launch? Use Instagram Drops. In May 2021, Instagram introduced a new function for you. Businesses may use Instagram Drops to tease new product lines, increase exposure, and generate curiosity before they go on sale. Drops can pique the interest of your current customers, as well as boost discovery and attract new ones. Drops have their tab in Instagram’s Shopping portal, similar to live shopping events, which helps them stand out and attract attention.
  • Link and Add your Stickers for Instagram Stories: Instagram has never been known for its external linking capabilities, but that may be changing—at least for some features. Swipe-up links in Stories were previously only available to verified users or those with more than 10,000 followers. Your linking options were limited if you had a small or unverified account, and you could only encourage followers to check the link in your bio.

All accounts had the option to link out from Stories via an interactive link sticker by early November 2021. What does that mean for your account? No matter your account’s size or verification status, you can link to anything from a new blog post to a lead magnet to an e-Commerce storefront or product.

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