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How to increase your ROI and double your CTR ?

If you’re going to spend money on advertising to reach your target audiences, be sure you’re advertising in a method that makes sense to you. For many businesses, Google Ads is a popular means of advertising. If your Google Ads campaign is likely generating strong results and you’d like to increase your ad spend to generate even more conversions. However, Google Ads may not be the greatest option for reaching your target demographic. Many businesses spend a lot of money on Google Ads, but they rarely get a return on their investment (ROI). The Google Ads landscape has changed dramatically in the last 10, five, and even two years.

It is constantly changing. However, Google Ads can be useful to your organization as well, and we will share the Google Ads best practice that we have found to be effective for our clients. According to studies, it’s more easy to see positive results in the early phases of running Google Ads than it is to keep them for a long time. This is what happens: Google knows who is most likely to click on your ad since they track your potential customer’s browser activities. So, when you first run your ad, Google shows it to the people who are most likely to respond (ideal customers).

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, according to Google, is an online advertising platform that allows businesses to market their products and services on Google Search, YouTube, and other websites. Advertisers can also select particular targets for their advertising, such as encouraging phone calls or website visits, using Google Ads. Advertisers with a Google Ads account can change their budgets and target audiences at any time, as well as start and stop their ads. If you know how to use Google Ads correctly, it can be really useful. As a company, you’ll want to understand how to optimize your Google Ads strategy to ensure a great return on your investment. We at HDI have helped businesses achieve tremendous success with their Google Ads campaigns when it comes to driving revenue.

Here are some Best Practices of Google Ads:

  • Higher Search Impression Share: The impression refers to the frequency at which your ad appears. One impression is recorded for each time your ad shows on Google or the Google Network. In some situations, a portion of your advertisement may be displayed. Depending on your business category, Google Maps may merely show the name and location of your company.

Google Ads may also display your company name and the first line of your ad text. You can use impression share (IS) or absolute top impressions share to see how visible your adverts are (ATIS). The impression share is derived by dividing the total number of impressions the ad was eligible for by the number of impressions received.

  • Variable Remarketing: You may increase your conversion rate and revenue. Standard remarketing does not include personalization. One person may have browsed your scarf product page while another may have viewed your hat product page, yet they both saw the identical sales promotion activities.

Evolving remarketing works by displaying alternative adverts on Google’s sibling websites to visitors who visited your website but did not purchase a product. The display adverts are altered or customized based on the webpage the visitor visited or the goods they purchased. You can use dynamic remarketing to entice people back to your website to finish the purchase they started.

  • Use RLSA Campaigns to increase Revenue: RSLA is short for Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. RLSA projects let you to target your website visitors when they search on Google and Google’s partner sites, allowing you to serve search advertising to them. In other words, if your website sells iPhone covers and your target consumer has previously seen iPhone cases on your site, you can offer advertisements to this customer when they search for “best iPhone cases” or “iPhone case shop” using broad keywords. Bidding on broad keywords can be extremely difficult and expensive. RLSA campaigns, on the other hand, can be quite effective at generating sales when used to target people who have already visited your website.
  • Invest on Sponsored Keywords: Similar to the last method, but this time you’re bidding on your own branded keywords rather than your competitors’. Whilst your website is likely to rank at the top of organic search results for your branded keywords, securing paid search results can be beneficial as well.

It increases the chances of searchers clicking through to your website by concentrating your brand’s presence on the SERP. Your competitors will be unable to run ad campaigns on your branded keywords if you do so. When you’re not obtaining 100% of the hits for your branded phrases, bidding on branded keywords is a good idea.

  • Send people to a specific homepage: Instead of sending users to your website’s homepage or your Facebook business page when they tap on your Google Ad, you may send them to a specific landing page. Your homepage may distract visitors, especially if it is poorly designed. If you sell a variety of products or services, it’s difficult to establish a single website that appeals to everyone.

The official website is usually a starting point for people to learn more about your company and the many goods you have to offer. When you link your ad to your homepage, you risk visitors departing your website before reaching the exact deal or item you’re promoting. However, if you utilize a tailored landing page for your Google Ads campaign, clients will be more likely to take the action you want.

  • Tick into the Tariff: The percentage of people who click on your ad after seeing it is known as the click through rate (CTR). It’s shown in your account statistics. This number can be used to determine how effective your ad is and how closely it fits your keywords and other targeting settings. It’s vital to remember that CTR is dependent on the type of ad you’re running and where you’re running it. Within the attribution funnel, the click-through rate can be utilized as an indicator of user quality to some extent.

By connecting campaign effectiveness to in-app behavior, advertisers may discover whether a high CTR is inevitably connected with higher user value. Advertisers can determine whether particular channels have high CTRs that will result in high-quality traffic – or merely a large number of people – by determining whether they should invest in them. Increase your click-through rates by creating ads that are highly relevant and enticing to your customers.

How we help you to attain all the Targets?

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