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How important is digital marketing in India

What is digital marketing? A form of marketing that is done through the help of the tools available online and with the help of digital technologies. It comprises various things such as social media, video, audio, e-mail and various other similar aspects. It has been playing an integral part in the marketing world because of how dynamic it’s existence is. With its increased possibilities and upgraded approach towards the marketing of goods Digital Marketing has become a crowd favourite.

Digital marketing is for sure the future of the marketing world and was proved right during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just like us the business owners were also worried about how their business will thrive in these troubling times with no physical means of attracting the customers or engaging with them. But, all troubles were answered when everyone realised the true power of the internet and the online community. With the existence of social media apps, video & audio sites and many more they realised connecting with customers is quite easy with the right approach. Furthermore, India is a very populated country with internet users spread all over. Even though many might say due to the existence of rural India it must be hard to connect with people but looking at how the population of urban India is equally great it does not really hamper anything. Just like every other country or place digital marketing is important in India for the same reasons and more. Digital marketing has given us a lot of boons that were majorly felt and realised by the mass in recent times. Some of them would be how it’s cost effective, more engaging, personalisation, and many more.

It has been said many times how digital marketing is cost effective because of the less use of tools that goes into traditional marketing. It is the epitome of less investment and getting big returns if done correctly. With online space being a bit more pocket friendly than the others boosted and helped many businesses to go for this type of marketing. For example, during the recent pandemic there were many who offered home cooked meals for the front-line workers, patients and their family. But, to make the people around them and nationally aware of their good deed without much expenditure was kind of hard to do. Still, they made it work by going to social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and put their ads in both audio and visual mode to make it seem authentic and garner more attention.

With just an interesting video, catchy caption and correct hashtag they were able to reach many people. Through the inclusion of hashtags and tagging the right people the brands were able to create engagement with their posts and channel. Through this engagement the customers had the chance to personally connect with the employee of the brand that made this experience even more real. The drive for more engagement is successful once the brands get hold of the algorithm and how the configurations are changing. On top of that, if the mass is presented with an interesting creative marketing idea they will engage with it. Hashtags, current trends, and  catchy phrases also help also with how people have grown accustomed to memes as a part of our culture, using them to promote or market products also greatly helps. The internet is a fast paced place where every moment there’s a new trend being created and worked. So keeping up with the trends is one of the crucial parts for this type of marketing. Although there are no worries for it as one can keep a track of it. Along with it they can even keep a track of what results their campaigns are getting and analyse them. Which will help them tailor it accordingly and present it to the possible customers.

Lastly, one of the main driving forces behind digital marketing is the content and how you present it. As the aim is to get the campaign out there to as many people as possible the content needs to be suitable in that sense. Also if one has to look at it, youth are the ones who gravitate more towards this type of marketing. So to make them respond to the content put out there needs to be sensitised accordingly.

With this one can see how effective this marketing is and how India should be incorporating more time and money into this. For a better understanding one can look through some of the digital media marketing firms that the country has to offer. One of them is HDI Technology located at Delhi, India. One of them is a leading digital marketing firm, they offer various services ranging from digital marketing to SEM and lead generation to SEO and many more. Companies like them help you settle your presence in the online space. One has to give the details and the services they want to render from them. Rest will be up to the digital marketing firm to work on and make your business grow and get more reach than the others.